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Katie's story


My husband and I had decided we wanted to try for a baby. I was 22 years old and I had came off the pill only to find that I had PCOS but it had never been picked up although my doctor at the time wasn't really convinced as I didnt show the symptoms of a normal person with pcos did but he referred me to the specialist and had scans and bloods done a few months down the track we finally got started on our first round of clomid this did not agree with me well as I found It mad me feel down and very emotional but I knew I had to continue after 2 cycles I fell pregnant unfortunately I could not hold on to it and ended up in miscarriage after the miscarriage the clomid stopped working for 3 months we had another appointment with the specialist and he booked me in for a key hole surgery to see if there was a blockage and we started another round of clomid in the mean time and the week I received my appointment we found we were pregnant again but this time it was all good I had a  hard pregnancy and labor but we ended up with a beautiful 9 pound girl.

When our daughter was 6 month we decided to try again as it took so long before hand this time I went to the doctor and they gave me a repeat of clomid and told us it was okay to go ahead we were on clomid for 3 cycles but I didn't work and we were referred to the specialist again only this time a different one we found out that we had been prescribed the wrong dosage which explained the situation my emotions were in I felt extremely depressed and was having melt downs for no reasons also feeling like I just couldn’t do it anymore it was really taking a toll on my body and mind this time. the specialist stopped the clomid and after a month or so started me on a new treatment letrozole we took it for the first cycle and I hadn’t worked so he put me on metformin. I am now 25 our daughter is 16 months and am still taking metformin before we start our next cycle of letrozole but if it does not work this time we have been told to consider ivf. if someone had asked me what I would be doing at aged 25 it definitely would not of thought I would be having fertility trouble not just once but the second time round as well although we very blessed and very lucky to already have a beautiful daughter it still hurts knowing we will probably be having this trouble every time it has been very hard and stressful on both me and my partner.