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Robyn and Aaron's story

Hi!  We are Aaron and Robyn and this is our Fertility Story.

We tried for 12 months before seeking medical help to conceive.  Initially we did all the testing required but nothing showed up so we were labelled as having “unexplained infertility” and so our journey began.

We decided to try IUI's first and had 4 unsuccessful attempts before being recommended IVF.

We were not at this point able to be funded so self-funded our first treatment. This proved to be unsuccessful.

Back we went to try once again to get publicly funded.  We were told because of my weight that this wasn't an option for us and to go join a gym and hire a Personal Trainer. So off we went devastated at this outcome but did as advised. I joined a gym, used a personal trainer 2x a week and despite going to the gym 6x a week, having advice re diet only shed 4kg's in a year.

We made the hard decision then for me to undergo Bariatric surgery to try and shift the weight, feeling like “if I can't get pregnant at least I can look good”. So surgery and a weight loss of 30kg our journey began again. We had our 2 publicly funded IVF's including ICSI, both unsuccessful, then a further self-funded  treatment again after these. Again unsuccessful.

Meeting with our fertility specialist who advised that we now look at other options as after 11 embryos and 5 IVF cycles it was unlikely that this would prove to be successful in the future.

So our surrogacy journey began.  We found a lady who was willing to do is amazing gift for us, went through the whole process till the day before sending our application down to the  Ethics Committee for consideration for our surrogate to be no longer available to do this for us.

More devastation and tears, we decided that the only option left to look at was adoption.  We wanted at the end to be guaranteed a child and this couldn't be done with a NZ adoption so chose to go internationally.

2.5 years ago we bought our little girl “MeiMei” home with us from Thailand.  We are now very much a forever family and all the journey and heartache was worthwhile to finally have this precious, beautiful wee girl but we also appreciate that we had experienced everything possible that a fertility journey can offer.